An Attempt for a Documentary on the Assassination of Dzorkhar D. | 2002

video, 8 min.

The assassination of the Chechen secessionist leader Dzorkhar Dudayev by Russian missiles, which were guided by his cell phone code, seen in relation to the inability to grasp history.

…the problem is not information, it is dealing with a glut of information in a timely manner…

Now that we see most everything, do we understand more? Now that we know most everything, do we perceive differently?

…and from that again comes the fable agreed upon that will be called history…

Taken from a news channel, seen over the internet, the images present a reality that I can see, but that I do not change. Trapped in knowledge, knowledge without participation. In the blur of the image, reality is flattened, and interchangeable. Pre-existing documents in themselves, the images and the text create my fictitious version of a reality which I try to imagine, but cannot understand. It is an attempt to make sense, a synthesis of facts and how I experience them, and at last it is history as a fable that I agreed upon.