The Law of Silence is Our Sixth Sense | 2003

slide installation with sound, dimensions variable

“The Law of Silence…” is a slide show intended to establish a clear relationship between the architectural space of the gallery and the illusionary space introduced by the slides. The slides present the viewer with images of interiors that in turn show images projected on to their walls. These images-within-the-image can be read as both windows or projections. Each slide includes a figure, acting as a character in a loose narrative of betrayal and isolation.
As the figure wanders through various spaces, the interiors set the stage for an evolving interaction between the character and the projections within each image.  Because the projected images can be read as windows, the slides suggest that the actions of the character correspond to the nature of the fictional space created in each space. The resulting narrative is enhanced through inter-titles that are projected in some of the slides. The inter-titles as well as the projections in the fictional spaces are all texts and images found in the New York Times. The slide show has the duration of one 80-slide carousel that will change its slides in approximately two-second intervals. The accompanying sound of the slide projector as it changes slides is be amplified by a megaphone.

documentation of slideshow