Next Voice You Hear | 2014

site-specific xerox copy mural, 6.65 x 3.3 m

At he height of European Maritime exploration the literary genre of ‘imaginary voyages’ emerged. These fictional tales full of wildly imaginative visions of strangeness and inversion reveal the hidden desires and fears of an era. As explorers were pushing the boundaries of the known world, the readers of ‘imaginary voyage’ books were willing to suspend belief to be part of the discovery. Partially historical, partially fiction the ‘imaginary voyage’ genre represented perhaps an early form of virtual travel. Linked very much to real physical geography it also left plenty of room to represent a much more disembodied, interior travel to spaces of our desire and longing. For the exhibition The Shortest Distance Between Two Points at Syndicat Potential gallery I conducted this kind of virtual or imaginary travel by exhibiting an image of the city as seen from afar in the gallery space. I ‘travelled’ to Strasbourg using webcams and took an image on that trip. The resulting image was sent to the gallery in Strasbourg in digital format who printed and installed it in the gallery space in a large format mural that acted like a virtual window on to itself.

image01 image02