Siberia | 2007

12 digital c-prints, 8x12 in.

"Sleeping Land" is a series of 12 b&w photographs taken from web-cameras located in Siberian urban centers at night. From a western standpoint Siberia seems almost mythologically remote and inaccessible. The purpose of the web-cameras placed on websites advertising tourism, commerce and cultural exchange is to bring the country closer to the foreign viewer. This purpose is almost entirely defeated by the low-resolution and blurred quality of the images which makes a clear reading impossible. In the photographs as in the original source the country remains unknown. The night time vistas of the Siberian cities depicts no clue as to their location or specificity. The anonymity of the images is underlined by the hand-written text over the images. The text is a fictional travel journey entry or letter about wandering through the "Sleeping Land" (one of the possible origins of the name Siberia). The writing references actual descriptions of the cities and the country found on the Internet, but it mirrors the images in its non-descriptive quality. "Sleeping Land" is the result of trying to acquaint myself with Siberia through the Internet, but realizing that even though facts and information could be gathered, the sense of a very far away place was not diminished. The project is at the same time a poetical account of my personal "virtual travels" to Siberia and a questioning of the utopian idea that the Internet and related technology is the ultimate tool of communication.

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