Die Wüste (The Desert) | 2002

video, 8 min.

The footage is taken from actual web cameras that I found on the Internet; the text is fictional, written and read by myself.

… My hair is blonde, my eyes are blue, my hair is brown my eyes are green…

What is love with out memory?

What is communication without presence?

What is desire without risk?

… It will always be like this, everyday, infinite possibilities, without pain…

The Web Cameras

It must be the fear of forgetting, or the fear of not fully participating in this world. Maybe it is the fear of not knowing what happens in the rest of the world or the fear of missing the essentials of life, to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being aware now, constantly of all the other places in this world –the dissolving of mysteries through discovery- the world has become small, but at the same time gigantic and distanced. What could count as foreign culture and history before is now concerning everyone.

The Text

An old voice speaking from the past, speaking about memory, a personal but also generic love story. A text that seems to be generated by all the images at all times. A tired voice that is giving into a new version of the past, through negating it. What happened in the past is now happening at all times, in every new frame. Propositions for the future become the actual event at the moment that they are posed.